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Natural Gas Exploration Con't

The discovery of natural gas was by the ancient peoples of Greece, Persia, and India many centuries ago. At the first the people were mystified by the burning springs created
when natural gas seeped from the cracks in the ground that was ignited by lightning, they even built temples around these eternal flames so they could worship the fire.

It was about 2,500 years ago where the Chinese did there own natural gas exploration and recognized natural gas could be put to work by using bamboo shoots to transport the gas from swallow wells. They used the gas to
boil sea water separating the salt and making it drinkable.

It wasn't until 1626 where are railroad conductor, Edwin Drake discovered natives igniting gases that were seeping into and around Lake Erie in America. The first American natural gas well was
dug. Natural gas exploration continued with more discoveries around the world.

Today, natural gas accounts for 24% of total energy consumed in the United States. An energy which was only use to light street lamp is now safely
transported into homes for cooking, heating, and to powered electricity.

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