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Again, the US took close pursue to follow. They were more successful and provided more detailed scientific information then the USSR . This detailed
information included thousands of pictures, many taken at altitudes of less than 1mi (1.6km) just before impact and shows the craters only a few feet in diameters. The achievement did not stop there; in 1966 they successfully made a soft landing on the Moon. This time they were able to use television cameras to take footage and use various instruments that allow them to measure the soil strength and composition. The US was able to establish that the moon's surface was solid enough to support astronauts and their spacecraft.

The US space program did not stop there; in Aug 1966 they successfully took pictures of both sides of the moon as well as the first picture of the Earth from the Moon's vicinity. In this mission not only did they find suitable landing sites for the Apollo Lunar Module, but in the process they also discovered the lunar mascons, regions of large concentration of mass on the Moon's surface.

Over the period of 1966 to 1968, the US space program further launched 7 Surveyors and 5 Lunar Orbiters . It wasn't until 1994, where they launched
Clementine where it engaged in systematic mapping of the lunar surface. Following this, in 1998, Lunar Prospector orbited the Moon in a low polar orbit. It investigated possible polar ice deposits, but a controlled crash near the South Pole detected no water.

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