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Mars Exploration

People have wondered about Mars for hundreds of years. Mars is often known as the Red Planet because of its color in the sky. This fascination has lead to many Mars exploration by the Soviet Union
(later Russia), the United States, Europe,and Japan. Dozens of unmanned spacecraft, including orbiters, landers, and rovers have been launched towards Mars since the 1960's. These missions were meant at gathering data and answering many questions about the red planet and its past that may yield further insight into Earths’ past, present, and future.

Any exploration is costly and Mars exploration is no exception. As the approximate distance from Earth to Mars varies from 33,900,000 miles (54,500,000 kilometers) to 249,000,000 miles (401,300,000 kilometers), about two-thirds of all space missions fails before completing or even begins their missions.

Although this is the case, successful Mars exploration accomplish that there is no intelligent civilization, but clues on the planet's surface suggest
that at one time, the planet may have been capable of supporting some type of life-forms.

Exploration to Mars is such an interest for many nations because out of all the planets in the solar system, Mars is the most similar to Earth. Space mission has discovered the presence of water on the planet and with relatively mild temperature, scientists hopes that one day Mars will be able to support human life.

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