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Here are other arctic exploration:

  • 1st to Reach North Pole - Robert Peary and Matthew Henson in 1909
  • 1st Airplane flight to the North Pole - Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennet in 1926
  • 1st Surface crossing of Arctic Ocean - Wally Herbert between 1968-1969
  • 1st one person expedition to North Pole - Naomi Uemura in 1978
  • 1st Dogsled Expedition to North Pole - Will Steger in 1986
Arctic exploration has revealed that is has an exceptional environment in many ways and offers the opportunity for great discoveries about how the
physical and biologic environments function under the "extreme" conditions found in the Arctic . There are several species of animals that are unique to the Arctic (e.g., polar bear, walrus, musk ox, and much more) and many species of birds have their summer home there.

The Arctic is inhabited by humans. It includes diverse Native communities with a longer history than many of the southerly societies. Arctic exploration is important for us to continue to
study the Native culture for its preservation, and for what it can teach other about long-term human survival in the Arctic .

Also arctic exploration has unveiled many natural resources that could be exploited for economic benefits such as crude oil, natural gas, gold, industrial metals, and diamonds are presently
being extracted now. But still arctic exploration continues to search for other potential for natural resources which are unknown.

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